29 Feb 2008


There's serious problem of food, it's about Gyoza(wikipedia). Original gyoza is Chinese, but a lot of Japanese likes it very much. Recently some Japanese came down with food poisoning that is made in China. You know, if we make something in China that's cheaper. So many Japanese company employ Chinese, and then many things come to Japan from China. I think self-contained is better, but we never do it by now. Anyway there's food poisoning, it's a big problem.
Japanese, we knew that food poisoning was agricultural chemicals Methamidophos, we’re banned from using that agricultural chemicals. It’s a poison. We just knew what’s poison made come down with food poisoning. But we can’t to know why, who did it. I guess that is an act of indicriminate terrorism.
But Japanese government and food company are idiot like that. In January, people knew that news, but there was problems from last summer. They hide that news from people… idiot government.

And todays news, there's idiot staff of helth center who made a poor excuse.
The housewife who lives in Chiba and 37 years old, she came down with food poisoning by Gyoza that made in China. And she told about it to helth center and she wanted to check about it. Her food poisoning was at the end of the last year, but she still keep Gyoza, and then she wanted to check to helth center in January. But helth center's staff said "There's no other victim by it, so no need check it right now"... and next, in 22 January, the staff said to her "I guess you still have that Gyoza, but there's no problem by that Gyoza, you can dump it" But 5 people got food poisoning by Gyoza that was the same thing after that. The housewife, she told the news agency about it.

There's a world of difference between us, but there's similar idiot things all over the world.

21 Feb 2008


I don't know what accent is correct in English. Because my English is poor... anyway I watched the DVD "DIE HARD 4.0" when I chose original, I mean subtitle is Japanese. And then I didn't feel strange. Bruce Willis voice is his voice, familiar to me.
But I watched this film with my parents tonight, my parents prefer dubbing. So I watched it in Japanese when I felt very strange. Because John McClane, his accent is like a drunken person. It's really funny dubbing. I think it's rude for Bruce Willis. But if Bruce Willis spoke English with a drunken person in this film, Japanese dubbing is perfect.

20 Feb 2008

JAPAN vs C....

I love football game. Now there's match that is Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre, China East Asian Football Championship 2008. Tonight, it was Japan vs China. 1-0 Japan is winner.

Opening match of the East Asian Championship, that was 1-1 draw with DPR Korea. It was not good match. But referee was better tonight.
I prefer dirty match like Italian team. I think Italian play is dirty sometimes, but really wonderful play, brilliant, and professional. But tonight, China was awful. I can no longer endure that player. Why did he kick Yasuda's body like that? And the referee was too bad! He made mistake judgment many times, I couldn't believe that judgment. He was a bloody fool.

I know some Chinese and Korean hate Japanese, the war made them hate. But the same with us, we did it but they did it. But I can't understand why do they still hate Japanese like crazy? I guess some Japanese think "I don't like them", but we don't act like a fool. They act like a fool that why I don't like them.
Anyway I hope don't be nourish a feeling of hatred, and they bury old hatred.

16 Feb 2008


Tomorrow it's Tokyo Marathon 2008. That's second. The first time was last year, and auspice said like that "Last year we had a fatal mistake that was about Banana. We should have to prepare more, and then we prepare it 1.4 times in this time"
The water and food is important for runner, and I watched the TV about it that man was finding and said "Banana! Banana!" but there was not.
I think if Banana is really important, 1.4 times is inadequate.

Tokyo international women's marathon was conclude, because Japanese police said "We can't control traffic many times in a year." Hahaha, stupid reason.

13 Feb 2008


Japanese legal age is 20 years old. Civil law was enacted in 1896 "Legal age is 20 years old in Japan". And now, Japanese thinking about 20 years old is appropriate for legal age, or not.

Last year, the age of voting right was changed. It was 20 years old, but now who is 18 years old, they have voting right. A lot of Japanese is suffer by government, Japanese politician is idiot and I think almost politician think about theirself the first. And then a widening gap between rich and poor. A lot of Japanese complaint against the government, but they're indifferent to politics... So the age of voting right is 18 years old, that's good idea, because a lot of men and women of all ages have to join to think more about for now and future.

But I don't understand why need to change for all things. I think no need to change something like drink and smoke. But I think that juvenile law have to change. Because there's a lot of fool minor who have their way. Sometimes really awful. That fool minor abuse their privileges the Juvenile law. "I'm 14 years old, and if I kill the people that is no problem, because the law protect me, no judge for 14 years old, there's Juvenile law"

And there's compenated dating (sugar daddy business), the girl was almost hight school students few years ago, but now junior high school students are nucleus... This problem, wrong is the men who is buy the girl.

There's juvenile delinquecy more than before. And I think need to change for it.

12 Feb 2008


Do you know SHOKOTAN☆BLOG? Actually I didn't know about her blog.

Her name is Shoko Nakagawa, 22 years old, and TV performer, public figure, singer, and really cute. She's pretty.
Today she played her entertament, and she said "My blog's counter was over 10 billion! Thank you!"


She was start to write blog in November 2004, and now 10 billion access. Her blog is really enormous. And she has written blog 84 times a day before.

Mmm, she is cute, but I can't understand her words that called "SHOKOTAN-GO", Shokotan word is strange. But I guess I'm 31 years old, and then I can't understand, maybe. If you speak Japanese, try to read it.

SHOKOTAN Site http://www.shokotan.jp/index.html
SHOKOTAN Blog http://blog.excite.co.jp/shokotan/

11 Feb 2008


Hi, long time no see you! How are you? In few month, my heart was not good, and I can't to write here, but now I'm better. I'll write you Japanese strange news again. Have a fun!

In this time, not funny news. Well, do you know where is OKINAWA? I've never been there, but it's the south end of Japan, beautiful small island. You know, some base in Japan, base is United States Forces Japan (=USFJ).
USFJ they're always in trouble with Japanese. The trouble is, for example, rape, beat up, fight... If they're not USFJ, troble is troble, it's crime. So Japanese should punish offender good and proper.
If offender is Japanese, we can punish them soon, but USFJ is American. The law is diffarence, and then it's hard to find the solution. And Japanese demand an apology from USFJ...
I think crime is crime, I don't want to happen like that. But I think some crime was not only thier blame, sometimes Japanese girl was wrong too, she made crime herself. I mean... offender is bad, but...
For example, "One day, the guy took away a girl and he committed outrages on girl" that is crime, you know. He is really villain. But if "that girl was called to stop by the strange guy, and the girl ride on his car by herself, and then the guy rape her" that crime was not only his blame. How do you think about it? (I hope you understand what I mean.)

Yesterday, the United States Armed Forces in Japan took away Japanese girl, and he tired to rape her. This guy is offender, it's crime. But I was suprised when I knew that situation. Because that girl is 14 years old.
She was not alone, she was in a town with her friend. And then, the guy (USFJ) asked her "Let me drive you home", he is stranger for her, but they had a ride on his bike, and went to his home. And they ride on his car to the park. And he tried to hold and kiss her... she got off the car, and called her friend's mother, and policeman found her when she was alone.

This news was awful. Why did she follow him? Why someone teach her that is dengerous?

I understand Japanese who lives in OKINAWA they really angry with USFJ. Because USFJ they make troble many times. But that girl is 14 years old. 14!!! I think she has to know what is good or not. If she dosen't know about it, her family or teacher didn't teach her. It's really poor. I think Japanese angry with that guy that is no problem, but I hope they know about their big mistake.